Danielle Hill retires after 18 years as Executive Director at Nebraska Housing Developers Association


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Danielle made it possible for the Association to evolve from the Nebraska Association of CHDOs (Community Housing Development Organization) to the much more diverse organization it is today. She worked to help create awareness of the economic impact that housing development has in Nebraska She spotlighted the need for housing options to strengthen Nebraska’s economic viability. Danielle informed and guided the Association to focus on state policy. Both administrative and legislative policy work is essential to securing adequate housing resources and ensuring resources are administered effectively and efficiently. The Association’s voice has grown over the years to the point where many elected officials look to Nebraska Housing Developers Association for advice and information on affordable housing.

We wish Danielle Hill every success in her retirement and welcome Sara Tichota as the new Executive Director.


Nebraska Housing Developers Association Sara Tichota image004Sara Tichota

Sara will bring a variety of housing expertise to the Association including her most recent experience as the Housing Program Coordinator for the Nebraska Department of Economic Development. Prior to her work with the Department, Sara worked for more than 10 years as a Director of Compliance and Regional Property Manager for Perry Reid Properties. "I am excited to join an amazing organization that has a proven track record as a champion for affordable housing," said Sara Tichota.

"The Association's Board of Directors looks forward to working with Sara as we continue to fulfill our mission to champion affordable housing," said David Taladay, Chairperson of the Nebraska Housing Developers Association. Sara will work with the current executive director, Danielle Hill to effect a smooth transition. Danielle resigned as the executive director after 18 years of service effective September 30, 2015.

The Nebraska Housing Developers Association is a statewide 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that works to champion affordable housing through three strategic areas of focus through its membership of over 60.






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Connor cuts the ribbon on his new home (with a little help from Dad).
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Three Rivers Housing Development Corporation is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) organized to assist communities in Burt, Cuming, Dodge and Washington Counties to provide quality affordable housing opportunities to those families and individuals with incomes in the low to moderate income range.

Three Rivers offers down payment assistance and housing rehabilitation to those applicants who meet the HUD income guidelines for their area. This program is referred to as the Purchase Rehab Resale Program or P/R/R which is a Community Housing Development Organization activity. Three Rivers sponsors this program to increase the safety and energy efficiency of the homes selected by the participants. This is accomplished by collaborating with agencies like Goldenrod Weatherization, Assistive Technologies, FHLBank of Topeka, USDA and many others to insure that we provide the home buyer with all the tools available to insure their home is safe and efficient when they become the owner. Three Rivers has assisted over 45 first time income eligible homebuyers with down payment assistance and rehabilitation to their homes through our programs.

Three Rivers sponsors Homebuyer Education through two REACH affiliates in Fremont. Spanish and English classes are offered to assist potential homebuyers in making wise decisions through the entire home buying experience.