Three Rivers Housing Development Corporation was originally incorporated as Burt and Washington County Housing Development Corporation in 1999, serving both Burt and Washington Counties as an Affordable Housing Developer.  In 2003 the service area was expanded to include Cuming and Dodge Counties.  At that time, the name was changed to Three Rivers Housing Development Corporation, reflecting the new four county area we would serve. 

Three Rivers is a recognized Housing Development Organization designated by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development and HUD.  This special designation gives us the ability to work with communities in many capacities in new construction, acquisition and rehabilitation.  Our work to increase the amount of affordable housing while contributing to the economic stability of the communities in our service area is ongoing.  We competitively apply for State, Federal and private funding to support our work.  We increase the productivity of our funding by partnering with numerous agencies also involved in affordable housing and enriching the lives of many.

 Some of the partners we are working with include Department of Economic Development (DED), Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA), Midwest Housing Equity Group (MHEG), Golden Rod Hills Weatherization, Nebraska Housing Developers Association (NHDA), United States Development Agency (USDA) and ATP.  Successful partnering has furthered the number of projects that we have completed.  Three Rivers is governed by a nine-member volunteer board who reside in Burt, Cuming, Dodge and Washington Counties.  Their selfless dedication to Affordable Housing is an enormous contribution to our local communities.