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Three Rivers seeks partnership

Jan 16, 2018

city council picture

Pam Thomsen, executive director at Three Rivers Housing Development Corp., spoke to Tekamah City Council Thursday night, asking the city to partner with Three Rivers in a grant-funded project to build three new houses in the city.

Mark Jackson/Burt County Plaindealer

Tekamah City Council entered an agreement with Three Rivers Housing Development Corp. to partner on a housing project.

Pam Thomsen, executive director at Three Rivers, told the council she was looking for cooperation, not cash.Mostly what is need from the city, she said, is three prospective building sites.  One she suggested is the lot at 917 R St. The house is slated for demolition. City Attorney Matt Munderloh said the house could be turned over to the city before demolition which would allow the city to recoup its demolition costs.  Thomsen said Three Rivers will be writing a grant application to build three new houses in the city.  The state will make the grant awards in August and recipients generally have 24 to 36 months to complete their projects. But they need a place to put them. Thomsen said access to three lots isn’t needed when the application is made.

  “One lot can catapult the whole thing,” she said.


November 2016: 

Three Rivers Housing received notice and congratulation from Govenor Pete Ricketts and Courtney Dentlinger, Director of the Department of Economic Development for receiving a $40,000 Organizational Operating Funding Award.  This award is through the Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund  and will help Three Rivers to continue implementing the current programs in assisting with purchase-rehab-resale (PRR) Program in Burt, Washington, Cuming and Dodge counties in Northeast Nebraska.

April 2016:

Three Rivers Housing Development Corporation was awarded $346,500 in Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Funds (NAHTF) throught the Department of Economic Development.  These funds will provide the funding needed for Three Rivers to continue their Purchase-Rehab-Resale (PRR) program that provides assistance to eligible applicants that are at or below 100% of the Average Median Income (AMI) to purchase a new home as well as down payment and closing cost assistance to amke home ownership affordable.  Three Rivers funding covers Burt, Washington, Cuming and Dodge counties in Northeast Nebraska.  This funding will be available through November 2019.  If you are interested in obtaining more information please visit our PRR page under the Housing Tab or give us a call at 402-374-2056 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..