Success Stories - Angela

Angela had been thinking about buying a home for the past three years.  She had taken the REACH Home buyer Education class at First State Bank and was trying to save for a down payment.  Angela found it hard to put together the money for a down payment and finding the house that would be right for her and her two children.  She was hoping to find a home that she could afford, but wouldn't need a lot of improvements and still be in a good neighborhood for her and her two children.  This was a difficult task in Fremont.  Her realtor at Don Peterson, Lynne Walz and her lender, First State Bank & Trust told her about Three Rivers and our program for first time homebuyers.  She completed a successful application and the search was on for Angi and her kids to find a home that would fit them perfectly.  This happened late in July when she found the home of her dreams.

Three Rivers replaced some poor windows, replaced a door and installed a circuit breaker panel that provided them with the electrical service that their house required.  Angi and her father provided the dirt work needed around the foundation and installed a railing to the front entrance.  They moved in to their home in late August just in time for the start of school.  Angi says that she wouldn't have been able to buy her home if Three Rivers hadn't been there to help with the down payment assistance and fix the deficiencies in her home.  We were so very happy to work with Angi and be able to continue our work to help provide clean, safe, affordable housing.